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INnovative TEchnologies and Researches for a new Airport Concept towards Turnaround coordinatION (INTERACTION)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

INTERACTION proposes an evolution in airport operations towards a fully integrated and coordinated management of all the processes-passenger, baggage, freight and ramp operations-which are converging into the aircraft turnaround. The main needs are 3: increase time efficiency in each one of the airport processes and the turnaround itself in a coordinated way; reduce the environmental impact of the turnaround; and enhance the predictability in the turnaround operation and its associated processes. This new concept will be supported by a set of innovative solutions for each of the airport processes and considering an integrated vision of them. Innovative solutions will be grouped in three areas: advanced procedures and new operational concepts; innovative technologies and techniques; and enhanced information management and decision support tools. A new integrated management approach will be presented, based in a comprehensive analysis addressing all airport processes impacting the turnaround and driven by the following innovative enhancements: Coordinated definition of performance targets among processes towards common operational goals for the turnaround; Control and efficient management of existing process’ interactions and cross-relations in order to avoid undesired perturbations; Integration and adaptation of the individual milestones of each process into the turnaround milestones; Extension of the airport information sharing platform, in terms of scope (all processes included) and service continuity (real time information); New decision support functions providing alerts and warnings regarding all processes and its interactions. All airport stakeholders involved in the turnaround will be benefitted from INTERACTION results: airport operators, airlines, ground handlers and other aircraft services providers. Passengers will be also direct receivers of the project benefits since the information channels airport-passengers and airline-passengers will be enhanced.



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