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Innovative Student-Teacher Evolution Model
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Having been thinking about the project for the half a year, we have come to the conclusion that all partners are experiencing similar problems (in some schools more, in others - less) to solve which is not enough to use usual procedures and actions. Discussions with school communities have revealed that we can count on their help, and their suggestions had the greatest influence on the content of the project. In compliance with the interests of all schools, we sincerely believe that more experienced schools will ensure the implementation of the project, while the rest will become the illustration how the most complex problems can be solved by a simple but highly effective innovative system. Analyzing the situation we found that this project has become an instrument of the biggest challenges of education in secondary schools in Europe. In order to involve students, developing basic and transversal SKILLS (especially in STEM) we will create HackLab Clubs, which will focus on STEM Career CENTER. According to different achievements and facilities at school, this Center can be: REALISTIC, reasonable on infrastructure and VIRTUAL, which operates through other infrastructures (classes, Labs, workshops etc.). In the beginning, we will invite leaders who are direct participants in the Project. They will discover their potential and taking advantage of the international mobility together with teachers will gain experience in the use of a number of innovative approaches as a motivational learning system, including METHODS like CLIL, Experimentation, using ICT and GIS, PEER education. Namely last method will give them the chance to have the Peer-to-Peer experience being a student-expert-teacher. These students will integrate more and more young people into STEM creative workshops. Special attention will be given to GIRLS! HackLab CLUBS at schools will act as a community-operated workspace where students and other people with COMMON INTERESTS can meet, socialize and collaborate (stay at schools). Students receive adults‘ help and advice and can work with other students-teachers, friends, parents or external specialist (who will be invited foremost), in order to have a greater impact than schools' teachers can provide. Clubs are based on the volunteering and friendly relations principles and work as NON-FORMAL education. It will encourage students to RETURN TO SCHOOL, even they left, as creative workshops will help them to express themselves. The whole community will focus on students with low achievement in basic skills. Here, there is another part of the system - METHODICAL, where the most important is the role of teachers. They use more EFFECTIVE teaching methods, but will advise students in the clubs. International experience gained during the project will become a reference point for the implementation of the new STEM Careers MODEL. Our MODEL is innovative and simple for any school (with a lot of students with low achievement) and becomes attractive for Z and next GENERATIONS! HOW IT WORKS? We proposed career planning MODEL (vortex model) for the students and there are centripetal and centrifugal “forces”. Communicative opportunities of invited students, experts and teachers of all project countries save up to the crest. Provided examples of successful scientific career every day, clubs’ actors allow “trying” the professions or at least becoming acquainted with the real social and personal achievements of young scientists. Eventually, students identify themselves with the career in STEM, choosing that in the country, region or the EU. It evidences itself through individual career choice, independence, ability to critically evaluate personal potential. Being in the STEM space (or hive) students become an example to others and attract contemporaries through social communication channels. HOW WORKS project’s implementation SCHEME? During the project, we will divide the students into five groups based on interests. Created HackLab clubs will join Teams of the project. Clubs will be named after project' motto acronym SYSTEMa. On a voluntary basis, the clubs will invite parents, mostly of STEM professions. Later, a growing number of the school community will join the clubs. Clubs will work within the MODEL. We will invite external experts, to carry out various research activities. Each partner will share relevant experiences in international meetings and we will seek for SYNERGY effects. The most important product of the project will be STEM Career GUIDE. The project uses the INPUT-OUTPUT principle. CONTRIBUTION consists of: school communities, international teams in the project countries, effective methods of T & L and STEM fields, eg. Biotechnology. The RESULT includes: HackLab CLUBS, enhansed student motivation (in school they want to use the new opportunities and contacts, as well as prepared by the project experience STEM Career GUIDE. Expected further result - more BOYS and GIRLS will choose STEM careers!



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