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Innovative proactive Quality Control system for in-process multi-stage defect reduction (MuProD)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims at developing an innovative Quality Control System that will drastically change the current concept of End Of Line quality control, going beyond currently established methodologies such as Six-sigma and SPC. It will prevent the generation of defects within the process at single stage and the propagation of defects between processes at multi-stage system level. This Quality Control System will be proactive, offering three different solution strategies to avoid End of Line defects: (i) elimination of the predicted defect through adjustment of process characteristics by proactively intervening on the inputs to the process (process parameters, etc.), (ii) on-line reworking of the product in order to eliminate the defect, (iii) on-line workpiece repair through defect elimination at consecutive process stages.Technological developments will be based on the design and development of new hardware technologies, techniques and software solutions that in turn are based on real-time multi-data gathering by the integration of new sensor and inspection equipment, development of intelligent actuators and the of new monitoring and prognosis knowledge-based models. To develop a universal system able to be integrated into different production processes, its feasibility will be demonstrated in machining and assembly processes at both macro and micro product scales.The integration of the in-process Quality Control system into the production chain will minimize the amount of defective part production, reaching process capability values of more than 2.0 in mass production, and equivalent reduction of defect amount in small-lots and customized product manufacturing.Application domains will include emerging strategic European sectors such as the production of electrical engines for sustainable mobility, large-part manufacturing for the wind power sector and the production of customized micro-intravascular catheters as high value medical products for the aging society.



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