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Innovative Ionic polymers from Natural Sources for Energy&Environment (IONRUN)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

IONRUN (Innovative Ionic polymers from Natural Sources for Energy&Environment) International Research StaffScheme aims to stregthen research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities between threeEuropean Research organizations: University of the Basque Country (Spain), University Cergy-Pontoise (France) andUniversity Nova of Lisbon (Portugal) and five non-EU Research Organizations: Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Vellore University-VIT (India), Soochow University (China), Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil) andScientific and Technical Research Council (Argentina). The project will provide support for the participating research organizations to establish or reinforce long-term research cooperation in the topic of innovative ionic polymers through a coordinated joint programme of exchange of researchers for short periods. This will include joint research and training activities and joint workshops and seminars, as well as other networking activities. The activities have been designed to exploit complementary expertise of the participants and to create synergies and to promote long term collaborations between the partners.IONRUN will aim at developing high quality training opportunities and international collaborations through a synergistic collaborative research programme between European and Non-European organizations in the field of polymer science as applied to needs in energy&environment. IONRUN research goals include the development of innovative ionic polymer materials using natural and renewable sources, ionic liquid monomers and polymers, green catalysis and environmental friendly polymerization processes. The developed materials will be tested in Energy&Environmentapplications such as materials for electrochemical energy storage and water purification.



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