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Innovative Financial Instruments for Sustainable Development in Alpine Space (FIDIAS)
Date du début: 30 juin 2012, Date de fin: 29 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Alpine Space regions are all characterized by the need of increasing and improving sustainable development policies, to cope with the consequences of the international crisis. Starting from the capitalization of partners' experiences, and considering the high "eco-innovation" potential of the Alpine Space, the FIDIAS project aims to provide Local Regional Authorities, green-tech SMEs and Local Financial Operators of the Alpine Space with the sufficient know-how to exploit the opportunities coming from the new EU regulations on financial instruments, in order to reinforce existing processes of local development acting through a bottom-up approach. By considering the encouragement coming from the European Commission towards the use of financial instruments as leverage of public funding, the project intends to promote innovative mechanisms, financial instruments and services able to attract private and public capital and to support sustainable development and competitiveness in alpine territories. Achievements: Thanks to ordinary management activities and a smooth flow of communication among Project Partners, some important results were achieved: the analysis of the state of the art of innovative financial instruments and services, the collection of relevant financial operators and the selection of the strategic innovative financial instruments and services to be implemented throughout the project, FIDIAS logo and its coordinated graphic image, definition of target groups for communication activities. The organization of the first Exchange Knowledge Workshop in Wien, gave to FIDIAS Partners the possibility to share experiences and harmonize knowledge on the service of Intellectual Property valorization, in view to present and offer it to green-tech Small Medium Enterprises and promote financial sources available for Local Region Authorities and local development. Partners started to organize local working group to involve local financial operators and stakeholders.



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