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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project, namely INNOVATIVE EUROPEAN STUDIES ON RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS aims to provide an interdisciplinary working group in order to cooperate with the European institutions and innovate the renewable energy systems with the good practices throughout Europe during 3 years. For this purpose, especially various innovative electrical devices used in wind, solar and fusion energy explorations will be explored and constructed within this project.This project will contribute to improve the quality on the educational practises on renewable energy systems, which is one of the leading aims of the EU Commission for the formation of a "clean energy community". The motivation for this project comes from the idea of energy-independence of Europe, since the fossil fuel need of European community is supplied by the non-European countries, mostly. This situation can cause serious problems for Europe in terms of evolving political issues. In place of the fossil fuels, other green energy systems must be used to satisfy the energy requirements of the European industry and house-hold consumption. Besides, environmentally friendly energy systems are very important for the future generations as well as the present community. To achieve innovative and sustainable energy solutions, a multidisciplinary approach is unavoidable. In addition, the considered energy systems should be cost and power effective due to the increasing population and demand. The partners which will handle these scientific themes have different expert areas and take a part to design and produce different parts of the devices. In addition to the construction of devices, this project will be a driving force for the students and scientists to realize the attempts of different partners on various renewable energy technologies and to make a benchmark for their researches and educations. By organizing various activities within project, certifications on “Renewable Energy Systems” will be done. In the activities certain ECTS amounts will be offered to the students. In the scope of the project, the undergraduate, M. Sci. and Ph. D. students and academic research staff will have an opportunity to make mobility among different countries and institutions. In addition to the mobility, different renewable energy sub-projects will be explored jointly, and the students will follow special renewable energy courses in different institutions, which have better laboratory equipment, facilities and teaching skills on specific energy topics. Within that context, teaching staff and undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students from different European countries will take place in the project and meet themselves in order to get the current developments on various renewable energy issues. Thus the mutual benefits of studying in a different cultural, social and academic environment will be experienced. Besides, the teaching staff and researchers can contribute to the educational skills of other institutions by giving courses with special topics with certain ECTS. The staff can also take a part in renewable energy researches in a specific partner university. This can help to construct a multilateral cooperation among the higher education institutions from different countries. The teaching staff from different energy fields come together and finds a fruitful media to discuss their cutting-edge energy topics and problems with their research group and partner research groups. At that point, the project will be a very good chance to understand the basic knowledge as well as the cutting-edge researches in order to increase the qualities of the academic studies and the awareness of students on the renewable energy topics. This will found a new research and education network and lead to an integrated academic and technical support mechanism for each partner universities. The technical cooperation will be increased further among the partners. Five technical transnational meetings and 2 workshops will be organized and short term mobility of students and teaching staff will be realized for the sub-project studies in the partner universities in order to improve the technical and laboratory studies. The students and staff will also find opportunities to present their sub-projects about the on-going or recently-completed research projects including the project themes. Thus, the academic staff can have a chance to make face-to-face suggestions to the students for their recent researches and the students can discuss the scientific problems with them. In addition to the technical benefits, the cultural and historical patterns of the countries will be introduced especially to the young scientists in order to learn the specialities of countries mutually as well as to motivate themselves for the construction of carbon-free community. The results of the project will be published in some reputable journals and everyone can follow the project from the project web-site world-widely.



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