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Innovative Danube Vessel (IDV)
Date du début: 30 juin 2012, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ObjectivesSupport of the further development of ship technology for reducing the environmental impact of Danube navigation. The project focused on the elaboration and development of innovative vessel and technology solutions with high potential for implementation.The considered issues relate to improved energy efficiency, reduction of exhaust gas emissions, safe and economical vessel operation, alternative structural solutions as well as the possible use of alternative fuels to marine gas oil.The project contained the following tasks:• Collection and evaluation of data on conditions for ship operation on the Danube (navigation conditions, infrastructure conditions, Danube fleet composition, general market developments)• Analysis of solutions derived from existing R&D projects with respect to their potential for implementation and further development in the Danube region• Elaboration and assessment of different technology solutions comprising e.g. altered main dimensions of vessels, different pushed formations, alternative structural solutions, application of different materials, air lubrication, improved propulsion devices and hull forms Development and assessment of first concepts comprising motor cargo vessels and pushed convoys for different operational regions in the Danube corridor• Provision of recommendations for further technology development within the framework of the Danube Region Strategy Achievements: The IDV project confirms that, under good waterway conditions, transportation carried out with Danube vessels can reach excellent cost and energy efficiency. Innovative devices and optimised ship designs would further improve this situation.As far as new constructions are concerned, the IDV project identifies three most promising options leading to energy and cost savings and reduced environmental impact: two new types of Danube pushers as well as an innovative version of a self-propelled vessel. Quick wins can be realised by installing real-time voyage speed optimisation tools on existing Danube vessels.Additionally, results demonstrated that energy and cost efficiency of Danube vessels is largely dependent on waterway conditions, especially on the available water depth. Proper fairway maintenance on the Danube therefore is an important prerequisite for energy and cost-efficient inland waterway transport operations. This applies to both existing and innovative vessel types.More information is available under:



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