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Innovative bifunctional aircraft window for lighting control to enhance passenger comfort (IN-LIGHT)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2012, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Comfort plays an increasingly important role in the interior design of airplanes. Comfort comprises many aspects including temperature and lighting in the cabin. In this context, the overall objective of the IN-LIGHT project is to contribute to the improvement of the passengers comfort through the development of a new concept of bifunctional aircraft window combining two technologies: Electrochromism and Transparent OLED lighting (TOLED). Electrochromic technology will allow the passenger to control de amount of heat and sun-light coming through the window, switching from a transparent colourless state to a deeply coloured transparent state. Additionally, a TOLED lighting system, also controllable by the passenger, will be integrated in the window offering a very innovative type of interior ambient lighting in the cabin, with novel aesthetic effects. The technologies to be used will introduce significant breakthroughs compared to the existing smart shading systems such as a low manufacturing cost, compatibility with plastic substrates, low power consumption and improved performance in terms of switching speed and cyclability/lifetime. The new smart aircraft window to be developed within the IN-LIGHT project add significant value to conventional windows and will contribute to the passengers comfort enabling a tailored cabin environment regarding heat and light transmittance as well as ambient lighting according to their individual preferences. The work will be performed by a highly complementary, well-balance consortium of 10 partners from 6 member states plus one partner from a third country, representing the entire value chain. The proposed research, which has been endorsed by EASN, closely addresses main S&T, socio-economic and policy objectives of the TRANSPORT work programme, shows clear environmental benefits and contributes to Sustainable Development."



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