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Innovative approaches to teaching
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our activity has emerged from the need of searching new approaches to teaching. We are aiming 9 teachers in our school in various branches who have A2 level of English and inquisitive personality, who are following any kind of cognitive and pedagogic development closely to take part in this short-term individual learning activity. And we are aiming those teachers to be able to use ICT more efficiently in their classes and to transfer the motivation techniques they picked up to the students during their lectures, to transfer educational attainments and experiences into their classroom environment by abandoning classical teaching methods, to set a model for other colleagues in the school. As a result we are expecting those colleagues to act in a similar way as the 9 teachers do. During this activity the attendant teachers are going to perform a very active learning atmosphere by observing other attendant teachers, group and individual practices, sharing and exchanging ideas with the colleagues from other European countries, experiencing new approaches and a micro-teaching at the end of the course. The teachers' attaining new applicable experiences and encounters at the course center, sharing and exchanging new ideas with the colleagues from other European countries will also form another part of our methodology. These educational attainments will create positive and observable changes upon the students' motivation, attitudes towards the teachers, subjects and the school in general. On the other hand we are expecting to create an awareness about the encounters we will have by sharing the educational attainments and experiences apart from methods and techniques with other colleagues and students not only at our very own school but also at other institutions all across the county and near counties. We are also expecting that we will create the same awareness firstly upon students' parents and then the socio-environment and as a result they will rely more on our teachers and the school itself. As a consequence of our activity, our school will obtain a much more preferable status by the candidate students and their parents as a means of the high success profile we will gain.