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Innovative anti-influenza drugs excluding viral escape (ANTIFLU)
Date du début: 1 juin 2011, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ANTIFLU is to develop innovative drugs against influenza virus infections based on a novelconcept that precludes the development of viral resistance and ensures efficacy againstupcoming pandemic influenza strains. Viral replication is known to depend on multiple hostfactors. Whilst traditional anti-influenza treatments usually target viral factors, ANTIFLU willaim at drugs interfering with host-response pathways. The concept of drugs targeting humanfactors, established in treatment of other diseases, has yet not been sufficiently explored fortreatment of viral infections, although it bears compelling advantages over conventionalantiviral therapies: (i) the avoidance of viral escape mutants and (ii) the broad coverageagainst unprecedented viral variants.ANTIFLU aims to fully exploit this potent approach to fill critical gaps in our current treatmentand prevention options against seasonal and pandemic influenza virus infections. By buildingupon an existing panel of potent human targets and firm knowledge derived from FP6 projectRIGHT, an interdisciplinary consortium will pursue the identification and validation of smallmolecule ligands and inhibitory RNA molecules effective against influenza infection.Promising modulators will form the basis to generate lead molecules that will be furtherrefined to yield clinically applicable therapeutics. Initial preclinical studies will aim at providingproof of concept in animal models, safety and toxicology profiles. They will allow initiatingcomplete clinical trials immediately after the phase of FP7 support, thanks to the commitmentalready taken by investors from the private sector. The consortium includes several SMEs,internationally renowned research groups and clinical institutions with extensive experiencein anti-influenza treatment and clinical trials. An already agreed common exploitation modelwill provide a smooth route to market and optimal use of the project results.



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