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Innovative and Creative Youth Empowerment
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project connects 3 well-established and experienced voluntary organisations - ICYE Finland, FYIE Poland and KERIC Slovakia. The partners will join their expertise and experience to stimulate volunteering of young people aged 15 to 30 at local level. This will be achied through cooperation with local organisations able to offer voluntary work to young people at least once a month. The needs of these organisations will be analysed, their staff will be trained and supported so that they are qualified to offer a valuable learning opportunity to the young volunteers. The project will: 1. create local volunteering opportunities for young people in Slovakia, Poland and Finland in 45 local organisations in total 2. test and implement a new training module for the staff of these organisations so that they are able to offer qualified support to these young people 3. create 6 new hosting places for EVS volunteers - in the long run 4. strenghten the cooperation and exchange of good practices at international and at local level within the network of partners, with a special emphasis on cross-sector cooperation 5. an improved quality of youth work at local and international level 6. higher active participation of young people in the life of the community, higher tolerance and understanding in the community Target groups of the project: Primary target group: staff of the 15 local partners in each country and staff of the 3 international partners - youth workers, social workers, municipality officers, streetworkers, youth educators, etc. Secondary target group: young people aged 15 to 30 motivated to do voluntary work at local level In a wider sense: local community as such in Finland, Poland and Slovakia The project activities are 4 international partner meetings (1 pax for the kick-off meeting, 2 pax for all the next meetings), creating 3 Intellectual outputs (2 x data research and a training module) and support activities for local partners at local level. About 50 staff members in local institutions will be involved at the research phase in each country. When testing out the training module, 1 or 2 staff members from each partner organisation will take part. This means between 15 to 30 staff members trained in each country. As a result, we expect between 80 to 100 volunteers in each country to do voluntary work in the year 2017 and between 100 and 150 in 2018. These young people will influence the local community they live in - each volunteer approximately 15 to 20 other people. The desired impact is:- intensive local voluntary work at local level - a raised number of Slovak, Polish and Finnish volunteers active at local level in the 15 local partner organisations that have been trained in the project - a strong and sustainable network among: - the 3 international partners - each international partner and its 15 local partners capable and qualified to host local volunteers - in total 48 organisations - a good basis created for a network among all 48 organisations to cooperate at international level - 2 new EVS host organisations in each country - mutual EVS cooperation among the 6 new EVS organisations as well as the 3 experienced international partners- improved quality of youth work at local and international level - raised tolerance, understanding and spreading of positive values - raised active participation of young people and their involvement in local organisations, local municipality and its decision-making process



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