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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Intending to modernise the teaching process and transversal skills of students and teachers of hymanist disciplines from 3 high schools in Romania, Italy and Spain, the project INNOVATING DIDACTIC PRACTICES FOR A MODERN HUMANIST EDUCATION – EDU Explorer proposes to direct and indirect participants (at least 142 students/adolescents and teachers/youngsters trainers) an European framework of collaboration for the realization of a comparative study between 3 educational European systems: curriculum and quality standards. The element of innovation and the added value is represented by the synergy of formal and nonformal activities offered to the project by all the involved students and youth. The target group is also formed by the teachers of humanistic discipline who will get interdisciplinary skills (IT) in order to create and internationalize multilinguistic Free Educational ressources. The project propose 6 activities of learning and training (3 for teachers and youth workers and 3 for students). EDU Explorer 1, 3 are trainings for the application of methods who stimulate critical thinking in educational system, and conscious learning of students. EDU REL 2 is proposing to form the skills for the program IT Hotpotaoes, Didapages, Front Space, and the application Google Docs with the objective of doing free educational resources (FER) for the teachers of humanistic disciplines . Through 2 workshops FER, they will realize joint projects in international teams. The final products will be published on the platform EDU Explorer : 1. PLATFORM EDU Explorer (O4 built like FER with new tehniologies, a digital interactive didactic material for teachers and students with informations with interdisciplinar character with the theme : Antiquity, Middle Age and Renaissance 2. Cultural Époque -IT resurce, digital manual built like a digital resource, aplying the new tehnologies (with the aspect of a web page) with a interdiciplinar character (history, geography, culture history, art history, philosophiy, history, clasical and modern languages, ) with the theme Antiquity, Middle Age and Renaissance 3.MODERN TEACHER PLUS (O2) 4.Guide for the universal literature teacher. MODERN PLUS (O3) 5. Brochure-Teacher on non-formal education 6.Comparative study about the educational system of the countries involved in the partenership Centers of the European culture 1, 2 are the activities of formal and non-formal education who want to develop the media and journalist communicational skills to the students and in the same time to develop a proper civic attitude. Cultural adolescence will develop multilingual and public speaking skills. All the skills aqcuired by the project will be certified by Europass şi Youth Pass. The thematic liant of entire project is the stimulation of the interst of young people for a common curricular subject: Antiquity, Middle Age and Renaissance, for the humanist value , for the lecture as a knowledge way and communicational act, for the study of art and culture who are brought to trainees by new technologies, by the formal and non-formal education.



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