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Innovation and Ecodesign in the Ceramic Industry

Ecodesign is a well established concept amongst environmental specialists in Europe, but there is a lack of know how to support the systematic integration of environmental considerations in the design of ceramic products. Despite its economic importance, the ceramic industry is suffering the effects of the slowing down of the European economy and it reports the effects of the competition of products from countries where environmental and social standards in manufacturing are considerably lower. The ceramic sector needs competitive products to survive in the market and by addressing the environmental features good opportunities for innovation and differentiation arise while the impacts along the life cycle are reduced.The main objective of the InEDIC project (2009-2011) is the development of high quality training materials on ecodesign to the ceramics sector, in order to supply the designers, trainers and other professionals with the skills to apply this sustainability strategy and practice in companies and to disseminate this know-how in the VET system. This project is a follow up of a previous Leonardo Project, “Transfer of Knowledge in the Field of Ecodesign” (contract CZ/04/B/F/PP-168002), within which the InEDIC project will build on by updating the training materials and mostly by adapting them to the ceramic sector.The consortium includes organizations from Portugal, Spain, Greece and Switzerland with recognized expertise in ecodesign and/or in ceramic design and production. Besides the Applicant Coordinator and the Core Partners, responsible for the contents development, the consortium includes Associated Partners, whose role will be mainly to test and validate the InEDIC training materials and products through the performance of demonstration projects.The InEDIC project is expected to have an important role in the qualification of professionals, thus promoting employability, and will contribute to strengthen the know-how in sustainable development in the participating countries, in line with the goals of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.



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