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Innovación y Desarrollo de Experiencias de Aprendizaje
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objectives of the IDEA mobility project to Tech College Aalborg ( Denmark) are: To improve the level of competence and professional skills of the students and teachers involved in Intermediate Vocational Training on Microcomputer Systems and Networks(SMR) and to improve the knowledge of good practices in educational and vocational orientation to prevent absenteeism and school drop out. The students, will initially attend training and then will develop an innovative project on automation programmable microcontroller(Arduino) widely used in home automation, alerts, robotics, etc... Teachers will find new ways to address content and methods of vocational guidance for teaching practice and will learn innovative methodologies in computer sciences, together with the basic tasks involved in the administration field and European Projects management. Teachers and students will improve their linguistic competence before and during the mobility by means of formal assessed training. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS : 10 computer science students, and 2 computer science teachers. The students : Students with computer skills in local area networks, operating systems, installation of computer equipment, office applications, computer security, network services and web applications. PROJECT ACTIVITIES (Training courses and further practical training). Courses on programmable microcontroller(Arduino) for the SMR group. The students will receive training in English before and during mobility and basic communication in Danish. Further practical training: SMR students will develop an innovative automation and/or robotics project. In the host country, teachers will study their VET, their guidance and vocational system, apart from visiting schools and companies. All participants will take part in cultural and heritage knowledge activities. METHODOLOGY: The language training shall be based on the skills required in the European Framework level B1. Training activities will all have a practical reference and there will be an individual record which, jointly with partner, will allow the tracking of the objectives and difficulties of each student or teacher. Contrast meetings will be held in Spain and in the partner country in order to know the how-to in each country and there will be workshops to spread the good practices among the teachers of the school after the mobilities. RESULTS IN KNOWLEDGE : Developing an innovative project that will serve as final studies project. Implementation of knowledge and know how to manage basic communication in person, by telephone and telematically in Spanish and English. Technical knowledge, educational and vocational guidance for teachers. SKILLS AND ATTITUDES: Taking responsibility, teamwork, active listening and participating, learning to learn and solve problems in new situations. EXPECTED IMPACT: Innovation for SMR students Linguistic competence improvement and to learn new innovative contents and methodologies for the lessons. Contribute to the cultural knowledge of peoples in Europe. LONG TERM : Improving communication in foreign languages in teachers and youth population in the Canaries. Find strategies to manage European projects.



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