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Inner motivation, wake up!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project was initiated by a group of young people studying in 8D class of Narva Language Lyceum. We are different, we think differently, we have unique ideas and everybody is a personality. We wanted to arrange a youth exchange and to learn about ourselves and each other. Our objectives were to get ready for the hard time of studying, to use this time successfully and see new opportunities. The project partner was a non-governmental organisation in Turkey - CAPADEMY, which has a long term experience in organisation of youth exchanges. Estonian and Turkish cultures are very different, so it was very interesting to get to know more about these cultures. We were planning intercultural activities like intercultural evenings, breaking of cultural stereotypes, showing photos, listening to music (not only traditional, but also this, which we are hearing every day), stories about everyday life and favourite places in own country, quests and etc. As a result we wanted to see motivated participants, more active students with understanding of what they want in life, guys with knowledge about their opportunities, youngsters with wilder worldview, friends from other country, people with wish to meet new cultures and respect them. There had to be 32 participants in the exchange: 16 people from each country ( 14 participants+leader and peer-leader). The age of participants was from 14 till 16 - the ninth class pupils. The exchange had to take place in Turkey in Autumn 2015. In our project we were going to find solutions for the following problems: missing motivation to learn, misunderstanding of how learning in school could help in future, not seeing opportunities and perspectives of future, boring formal learning. We were planning to use a lot of non-formal methods in searching for solutions on these problems, because our aim is to see motivated participants and active pupils. Unfortunately, when the tickets we bought we had to cancel the project because of terrorist attacts in Turkey and other European countries. Our parents did not give their permission for the mobility. We conducted a lot of preparatory work locally and internationally but the youth exchange did not take place. This experience taught us a lot: we got into a big challenge and had to solve the situation, communicate with different people, think about our values and the people we love and make a difficult decision.



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