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Inkubatory młodzieżowych organizacji migranckich
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims to advance integration by promoting exchanges of ideas and knowledge, building the capacity of the youth organisations, supporting multi-stakeholder networking, and producing joint recommendations. Through main activities we want to build partnerships and exchange good practices and information about work with migrant youth – non-formal groups as well as migrant organisations working actively in and for their communities, and other organisations planning or working in area of supporting migrant youth, in areas of social inclusion and integration. Project aims to strengthen migrant groups and organisations in their activities aiming to integrating young migrants, as well as enhancing entrepreneurship skills and developing useful skills and to work for communities and sustainable integration process in society where they live. Our aim and methodology is to engage the youth and young migrants in discussion about possibilities for using their potential and experience in work with multicultural groups and youth. Participation of youth is the basis of this project, as well creating opportunities to discover and develop their skills and aspirations to be involved in advocacy and promotion activities at a further stage of the project implementation. The project is designed in a way to exchange, gain knowledge and skills and then to use them in practice. Outcomes of the project have different dimensions – they are related to capacity building in migrant organisations to exchange good practices in working with the youth, then, engaging and involving young people, especially migrant youth, we aim to work to develop ways of working with the youth in order to know them, to conduct deeper needs assessment, involving and engaging them to be active in our project and then – in their life. The main activities are: creating Incubators of young migrants in Poland, Finland and Norway for the youth, especially migrant youth; building Strategic Partnership involving other organisations and youth to join the Partnership and Incubators, using interactive internet platform to promote our activities and share and exchange results of our work. We want to organize three training events, in each of countries participating in this project, that will be related to work with the youth, Incubators and potential to use them, interpersonal skills, work group, communication, public relations and promotion, advocacy, partnership, organizing small initiatives and management. Result of this work will be a platform (internet, interactive) to share and exchange ideas for people working with the youth, good practices, methods of work. It will be the most important way to engage young people and invite more partners to join our activities. Through meetings, trainings and workshops, analytical work and peer review evaluation meetings we want to involve all partners and other stakeholders to compare situation in partnering countries, exchange good practices in integration and youth work and programs, exchange our own practices and experience. In the end of the project the result of this work will be to explore the role and potential of youth organisations in integration processes and to organize an international seminar to further support awareness raising and mutual learning on migrant youth integration among a wide range of stakeholders. Our findings and recommendation will be prepared through all the projects, engaging different stakeholders and partners. It will be presented to evaluate them with national actors and stakeholders by organizing three peer review seminars and then it will be analyzed and consolidated into a final report presented during the closure seminar. General aim of the project is to produce an innovative approach to addressing the youth by providing more attractive training and support program for the youth, especially migrant youth – in line with their needs and expectations, using participatory approach and to develop and use ICT-based methodologies. It aims to improve practices to cater for the needs of disadvantaged youth and to deal with social, linguistic and cultural diversity. The project aims to support youth and migrant organisations to develop a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the organisation to be active for the change and for inclusion, integrating new methods of working with the youth into daily activities and to be pen for partnership and networking with other stakeholders. Project will have a positive impact on the persons directly or indirectly involved in the activities, such as: increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; increased level of digital competence; greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity; more active participation in society; more positive attitude towards the European project and the EU values; improved competences, linked to their professional profiles and personal motivation.



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