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Initiatives Locales en Environnement en Méditerranée (ILE)
Date du début: 17 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 16 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project in brief Citizen participation in public policies takes multiple forms in the Mediterranean area. Environmental policies, being tangible and visible, constitute adequate tools to support the development of active citizenship. Local dialogue between stakeholders of environmental policies (regional and national public authorities, experts, economic actors) and citizens should therefore be strongly encouraged. In order to address this challenge, ILE project aims to increase the visibility of the actions of environmental NGOs in the Mediterranean and to strengthen the governance of local policies in the field of environment. The project will focus on the capacity building of NGOS and their professional/voluntary members as well on the consolidation of cooperation processes between NGOs and local public authorities with regard to the implementation of environmental policies.Specific objective To reinforce the mobilization and capacities of Mediterranean civil society organizations and their members, in particular young people, in the field of sustainable development and local democracy through an intercultural approach, training and field actions together with public authorities Expected Results: • Capacities of 50 environmental NGOs improved in view of their integration in local governance processes • Skills of 350 eco-volunteers, including 200 young people, strengthened in order to support their commitment towards the environment • Environmental governance processes improved in 8 Mediterranean territories thanks to the implementation of participatory projects • Intercultural methodological tools created to encourage the development of eco-citizenship in the Mediterranean • 8 practical actions carried out in 5 countries (France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia) regarding sustainable coastal planning, conservation of oasis at risk, development of biological agriculture, etc.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Mediterranean Sea Basin ENPI CBC
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