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Inherently secure blast resistant and fire safe metro vehicles (SecureMetro)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2010, Date de fin: 30 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"AimIncreased safety and security of metro vehicles from terrorist attacks by explosives and firebombs through materials choices and design, thereby increasing resilience and reducing the impact of attacks on passengers, staff, infrastructure and property.ObjectivesThe SecureMetro project will consider threats from conventional explosives and firebombs. The four project objectives are:1. To increase metro vehicle resilience to terrorist bomb blast through selection of vehicle materials and structural design. This will reduce injuries from fragments of vehicle materials and improve structural integrity in blast situations, offering greater security to passengers and staff. This includes enhancing the ability of a vehicle to remain on the track and keep moving so that underground rescue is not required. Contribution to structural integrity standard EN12663 will allow wide and interoperable implementation of vehicles offering security by design.2. To increase security against a firebomb attack through design of fire barriers and fire suppression technology while also contributing to passenger safety from accidental or vandalism fires. Design of features to prevent the spread of fire and fumes will contribute to standards compliance (prEN 45545 and TS 45545) for fire protection of railway vehicles.3. Through increasing resilience of vehicles to blast and fire attacks and reduced damage to adjacent vehicles and infrastructure, speed up recovery following attack, allowing the rail system to ""bounce-back"" to normal operation quickly.4. Reduce the attractiveness of metro systems as a target for attack by reducing deaths and injuries, increased resilience, reducing economic impact and making recovery faster. This will be achieved through wide dissemination of the findings of SecureMetro, and promotion of transfer to high speed rail of the vehicle design and technology developed for metro systems."



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