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Inglise keele õpetajate täiendkoolitus 2015
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since the policy of education in Estonia has been changing in the way that there are less general language classes at vocational schools and more integrated classes, it is vitally important that language teachers are capable to design new complex implementation plans and modern syllabi; to know methodology and organise integrated classes. As it was mentioned in the introduction of the course programmes, a variety of innovative methods were introduced to motivate the students to learn English. The participating teachers could facilitate their learners’ language acquisition for their future career. As it is mentioned in the Development Plan of Kuressaare Regional Training Centre, the measures are set out to ensure the quality of teaching and teachers’ competencies. Vocational training scheme is established as a part of personnel quality, it includes a 160-hour in-service training for teachers within three years and in addition to this a two-week internship in the company. The aim of the project was to enable for 2 English teachers, who are non-native English speakers and whose first qualification is not teaching English, to implement their language teaching methodology and to acquire new skills, methods and ideas. And also to practise English in the English speaking environment because Easy School of Languages in Malta has provided long-term language courses with experienced and highly qualified teachers. Both teachers participated in different courses at various times, it means gaining experiences in the language environment. Elle Mäe took part of the course "Enhancing Student Motivation through Creativity in the Language Classroom – Secondary Schools and Adult Education", in period 19.-23.10.2015. Jorma Tapio Ihalainen took part of the course "English language Teaching Methodology for Non-Native English language Teachers in Secondary Schools and Adult Education" in period 4.-8.04.2016. Learning experiences abroad enhanced teachers' professional competence. It improved professional expertise of teachers and increased their teaching mastery, which in turn increased the quality of teaching. Working in a foreign language environment improves and reinforces language skills of the teachers and offers opportunities to create new relationships with partner organizations. The new methods and skills gained during the training are alrwady used to update the learning process. In addition to that they - Enhanced the quality of teaching English and the subject - Promoted and implemened methodology for integrated lessons - Exchanged contacts with course mates for new possible teacher or student exchange - shared ideas and experiences with the course members Qualified teachers at the school will raise the school's reputation and motivate learners to study languages and continue their studies. It also ensures the satisfaction of employers with the learners of Kuressaare Regional Training Centre. The project manager was the head of development of Kuressaare Regional Training Centre. The teachers themselves together with project manager and the host partner took care of the arrangements of the visit.



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