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Informer et sensibiliser les jeunes à la citoyenneté et la mobilité européennes
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Region Centre is a territory whose size is almost the same as Belgium. It includes 6 french departments that are very differents and with very specifical populations. This territory hasn't any foreign border, so that the population don't feel really involved in what happens abroad. Moving abroad is a long and expensive experience, so that there is not so much willing to travel in foreign countries. Nevertheless, during last years, many contacts with young people in the all region showed that the things are slowly changing. Severall oraganizations in the region (like the CRIJ) are involved in many actions to make Europe more visible, better known. They want to show the interest of intercultural opening, and show specialy the possibilities for young people to travel cheap, in order to increase their competences and experiences. Involving an EVS in the CRIJ is part of this movement. The EVS works in the regional youth information network, in association with the specialists in each local centers (65 PIJ and BIJ) : as an EVS, he is a real witness of european mobility and carries the values of interculturalism. It is as a young volunteer - and not as someone who could replace a salary person - that he can help the youth information specialists to explain the interest of european mobility and how it contributes to build european citizenship. He makes young french people (youngsters and young adults) and youth workers understanding that those experiences are possible, including for themselves.



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