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Információk És Lehetőségek A Világhálón Drótnélküli Internetes Hálózat Segítségével A Mélyszegénységben Élők Számára A Határ Mindkét Oldalán / Svet informácií a možností pomocou bezdrôtového internetu pre sociálne najslabších občanov žijúcich na oboch str (Szegénység mérséklése IKT eszközök használatával / Zmiernenie chudoby pomocou IKT)
Date du début: 31 juil. 2010, Date de fin: 30 juil. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Wifi Village initiative 2007th been operating in Hungary have already proven feasible program. This application affects the poorest regions of Hungary and Slovakia. The image of today's Hungarian strand a significant change of regime took place a few years social and economic change is determined. The image of today's Slovak strand to become independent within the framework of ongoing economic, social and identity changes is determined. The sudden collapse of socialism in the years developed heavy industry on both sides narrowed the job opportunities, in the region still have high unemployment. The disadvantaged small settlements typical of the educated young people migrate. This economic and social processes in the region with a significant number also found segregation of Roma communities has intensified.The use of digital devices lack the disadvantages of the existing social and economic gaps sat in it. The Wifi Village program more disadvantaged minority ethnic groups offers a real chance of the free borders of the social integration of information and communications technologies, and through use.The program of the traditional aid-based support system unlike the market can provide support as the families do not receive the assets free of charge, but a nominal charge to purchase a used but refurbished computers, which make the use of microcredit to 6 months. The government support programs already implemented a wireless Internet network and the support helps 1.5 years for free Internet access. Achievements: In the poorest micro regions the segregation of Roma communities has been growing rapidly in the last decades. Young and adult people migrated, public and other services were often obsolete, poverty and hopelessness is permanent. The existing social and economic handicaps are worsened by the lack of info communication possibilities like the internet which could provide a solution for many social, educational or cultural gaps. This project wanted to help families in deep poverty who regard the internet as an opportunity to break out of their current situation. The project offered a chance to reintegrate highly disadvantaged minority ethnic groups via info communication technologies. The aim of the project was to build a network system in unconnected villages and to provide refurbished computers to potential end users in the connected villages. The project, unlike supporting grant systems, provided a market based aid, which means the end users from Nógrád, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Banská Bystrica and Kosice County got the connecting equipment through micro loans. The project connected to the internet more than 50 villages via more than 800 new web access points.



  • 80.8%   633 726,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Slovak Republic (HU-SK)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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