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Date du début: 31 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 30 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project INforEVS was created to promote European Voluntary Service in the framework of the Erasmus Plus program as a means of personal development and as a free, on hand learning opportunity. It is implemented by Team for Youth Association, in the town of Baia Mare and in the neighboring area. It includes activities in 6 other towns and comes to fulfill the need of the local community to have a clear, concise and user friendly understanding of the Erasmus Plus opportunities. One of the long term objectives of Team for Youth is to promote intentional volunteering opportunities and to increase the number of sent volunteers from the area of Baia Mare (this number has decreased in the recent years). The main activities of INforEVS are set to start in April 2017 with the welcoming of 8 international volunteers for a total service of 8 months from Spain, Lithuania, Austria, Germany and Czech Republic.The promotion of EVS will be done trough a series of Promotional Campaigns (in the city and on-line), Info-Desks in educational facilities, vocational schools and at the headquarters of other NGOs not accredited for EVS and Caravans of EVS - a total of 6 one day events in the towns of Satu Mare, Negrești-Oaș, Jibou, Seini and Târgu Lăpuș. The activities are targeted towards youngsters who wish to do a volunteering stage abroad, but are unsure of the procedures or opportunities (or where to find them).The EVS volunteers will be hosted in Baia Mare and during their project will gain knowledge and competences related to promotion methodes, advertising campaign, public speaking and non-formal education methodes. With the aid of T4UTH staff, the mentors and local volunteers, the team will gain valuable knowledge about youthwork and the Erasmus Plus program, which in turn they will share during the events organized and implemented during their stage. It is desired that these 8 volunteers continue to work in the field of EVS (either by becoming mentors, project coordinators or local volunteers) after they return to their countries (at the end of their stage). The volunteers will blog about their experiences in Baia Mare and about their travels to Romania, and will encourage youngsters to apply and take on an EVS by being an example. In order to make the most of the rich inter-cultural environment the EVS will also implement a series of Social Hubs - open discussion groups on various topics with youngsters between 14-30 years from the town of Baia Mare. Here they will discuss topics of recent interest, share ideas, learn about cultural issues, and create an inter-cultural presentation (a public event) near the end of their stage. The Hubs will function also as informal language lessons, and will stimulate intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. This is part of the strategic direction of Team for Youth and will be used to generate ideas for future cooperation between partner countries. All of the activities mentioned above will be promoted trough the on-line environment, making use of Team for Youth Associations many followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks and taking advantage of the youth interest in the virtual media. They will be advertised trough trailers, vines, posters, events, public announcements and also advertised in local newspapers and tv stations. The volunteers will help create and share a series of 5 informational videos related to the key procedures in the EVS cycle (applying, preparing, adapting to the project, youthpass and skills gained trough EVS)



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