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Industrial Heritage for ToURism and BusINess DevElopment (TURBINE)

Šiauliai County (LT) and Latgale,Zemgale (LV) regions are distinguished fortheir industrial history, however only smallnumber of industrial heritage objects hasbeen identified and used for the regionsdevelopment. The project aims to develop cross-bordercooperation in Northern Lithuania (Šiauliai)and South Western Latvia (Latgale, Zemgale)by establishing cooperation network,products, projects and new initiatives inorder to use industrial heritage resourcesfor promotion of cultural tourism, businessdevelopment and educational services.The project creates prerequisites to investinto industrial heritage infrastructuredevelopment, industrial object preservationand helps to shape new tourist image ofindustrial territories by firstly, identifyingindustrial objects in the feasibility study andcomplex interdisciplinary research, thenmarking them in a digital industrial heritageobjects map with integrated tourismroute, website and providing the training ofbusinessmen and tourism specialists duringseminars and consultations, creation of CDon good practices.



  • 75%   115 575,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus (LV-LT-BY)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform

2 Participants partenaires