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Indoor/outdoor LOCation and Asset management Through open gEodata (i-locate)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of i-locate is twofold. First it will create a virtual hub for indoor open geographical data regarding public spaces (hospitals, public offices, shopping malls, museums etc). This will have significant economic business impact and it will be enable a number of indoor/outdoor (based on existing open data) businesses.The second goal is to create a easy-to-integrate open middleware for indoor/outdoor tracking and management of people and asset.The system will allow citizens to be guided (through a smartphone) across outdoor and indoor public spaces. A typical example includes, for instance, guidance from home to the door of the office where they can get a given certificate. In case of different steps (for instance required for complex burocratic procedures that imply several offices) the system will guide the citizen from one location to another, regardless if this requires moving within indoor or outdoor spaces.The system will be also used to locate and improve management of key asset. Public officers, attendants or maintenance engineers will be able to locate devices on a map and will be guided to their location. Once found it will be possible to read, through a smart tag, relevant information such as operating instructions, maintenance information etc.The technology will be validated in 14 pilot locations across Europe focusing on e-Health scenarios (e.g. hospitals, retirement houses) and other public services (e.g. museum, public offices etc.). The results of the pilots, which are expected to run for at least one year, will be analysed to perform economic and social impact analysis.A number of other horizontal activities will ensure maximum awareness and dissemination of project results. The high number of SMEs involved in the project will ensure very high exploitation of the achievements of the project.



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