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Individual study paths - a way to prevent drop out (ISP)

Individual study paths - a way to prevent drop out project was coordinated by Keskuspuisto Vocational College, Finland. The cooperators were Centro San Viator (Spain), Valoria-Socra vzw - L.L. CDO (Belgium), SOSU Sjælland (Denmark) and ROC Midden Nederland (Netherlands). This project offerred the participating organizations a possibility to share numbers and reasons against early school leaving. They had also a change to share experiences and proven best practices and adapt and modify them culturally to suit the circumstances.The outcomes of the project were the needs analysis report where an attempt is made to go behind the statistical numbers, and a traning program for preventing early school leaving.The impact of the project can be seen in the increased student motivation through the new and varied use of teaching methods, the increased professional skills of the teaching staff and the increased awareness of the consequences of early school leaving and dropping out on the whole organization level.


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