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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth exchange “Indirekt” aims to bring together 30 young independent artists coming from five different European countries (Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Slovakia and Slovenia) and give them the opportunity to perform and promote indie art during the InDirekt Festival, the first indie art&music festival in Istria, hosting for the third year in a row the best regional independent artists. The project will be held in June 2015 in Umag, Croatia, a small coastal town along the Adriatic Sea well known as touristic (sport) destination, while almost anonymous from the cultural point of view. By supporting activities linked to the role of culture in the information society and by promoting intercultural dialogue and competences, our intention is to contribute to become a cultural destination known also for specific events like the Indirekt festival. Besides, through a new collaboration based on common values we want to create an independent learning label/platform and promote a variety of artists that will experiment together the potential of art&music and perform as a symbol of the cultural diversity of our society. Besides, the youth exchange “Indirekt” spring up also from the fact that today we live in increasingly multicultural societies, we need therefore to promote intercultural dialogue and intercultural competences. These are also essential in the context of a global economy with regard to enhancing the employability, adaptability and mobility of artists and workers in the cultural sector as well as the mobility of works of art. During the implementation of the project activities, through non formal learning methods (workshops, outdoor activities, jam sessions, panel discussions, flash mobs, etc.) participants will have the opportunity to enrich their skills and competences, to stimulate new thinking, best practices, cultural understanding and mutual team support, as well as their active citizenship. In that way they will improve learning performance, but in the same time they will enhance their employability and improve career prospects. They will be stimulated to think “Out-of-the-box” in order to develop together new ideas and to promote group activities for spotting musical potential as an important mechanism for tolerance, fair play and peace. The project will have an obvious impact on the participants by developing their artistic skills and knowledge, on promoters themselves for getting to know partner organizations that will lead to future collaborations, on the local community thanks to the multiplying effect of having artistic performances available to the local and general public and on the group leaders through their networking, creating follow up activities within their respective countries.



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