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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project can be summarized in the realization of artistic courses for people with disability. This will be the main focus of our project. At the same time, our organization offers to the volunteers different daily activities in relation to the possibilities offered by the method "learning by doing" in the subjects we work with. These activities materialize in: Morning activities from 10:00 to 14:00; initiation in organization's management, organizing and finding resources for art workshops, dealing with other local organizations in person or online (skype, e-mail, social networks...) and with different organizations in other countries, to generate projects that make a multiplier effect and continuity, as well as new exchange projects and other initiatives from the "Youth in Action" program. Afternoon activities, from 17:00 to 20:00; encourage creativity and artistic activities to the participants through the workshops we lead. Interaction with the group of volunteers and professionals who teach painting workshops, dance and ceramic, in order to share teaching methodologies. Improve the European dimension in our organization and lay the groundwork for future international projects. Participate in artistic, cultural and social events (exhibitions, shows, solidary markets etc.) that we will perform during the stay of the volunteers. Summing-up, the role of volunteers in our association will be to assist in the realization of artistic workshops, contemporary dance, art therapy, art, etc... And at the same time to participate in these coordination activities: - Meeting with other volunteers and staff of our Association to propose European projects. - Participate trainings, seminars and meetings with other EVS volunteers in Spain. - Write a summary report of their activities for the next issue of our magazine Incluyendo, online journal published by our association annually. - Attend specific language training to learn the Spanish language and culture. Complementing all the intercultural features of this project, we will provide to implement "Cultural exchanges", in which the foreign participants will share with the members of the organization about their culture and other interesting peculiarities (history, geography, gastronomy...) with the purpose of sharing experiences and to get to know better the participants, their native country and city. The activities will combine the non-formal learning of artistic skills and the raising of awareness and the promotion of the fundamental values which we should keep in mind for the construction of a european citizenship and particularly those which most affect the group of people with disability, promoting the human rights for all the people regardingless their condition of disability. Through apparently leisure activities is promoted the inclusion of participants since are developed professional abilities about the world of the arts, social and personal skills through the development and promotion of essential values, working in groups, expressing and participating in the evolution of the activities, in the measure of the capabilities of each volunteer and the opening toward a new dimension that values their differences as a resource.



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