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Inclusive Volunteering – Empowering People Project III
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is a Programme Countries EVS Project, with sending partners from Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Hungary, involving a total of 6 hosted volunteers in Portugal for 10 months. “Inclusive Volunteering – Empowering People III Project” aims to facilitate a better understanding of common European values, promoting social inclusion, European culture and Active European citizenship. AEVA felt the need to have, in the organization, young people from different nationalities to join the Portuguese team of intergenerational volunteers, in order to promote an open “culturalism” mind set to the whole community of Aveiro. The volunteers involved in this project, after some specific training, will mainly work with SEN young individuals, helping them in their daily routines and helping them achieving autonomy, organizing for them – with the rest of the team – sport and leisure activities, promoting workshops, helping them in their daily routines, in their learning processes, in becoming autonomous, etc. Apart from this, they will be involved in bio-farming, interacting with seniors and SEN individuals. Another important objective of this project is to involve the volunteers in visits to local schools of all levels of education, universities, kindergartens, youth associations, etc., in order to share with the same, their knowledge of respective country, their experience of doing volunteering service abroad, the benefits of such experience, etc. They will also be involved in classes with teachers to promote intercultural competences among the younger ones and, whenever possible, 'teaching' the basics of their own language. AEVA is looking for volunteers having motivation for working with international groups, Volunteer’s enthusiasm and interest in order to engage with people, to work in teams but also willingness to accept personal responsibilities are highly appreciated. A readiness to work with flexibility in changing or developing situations is essential, as well as an ability to work with special needs young individuals. English language or communication skills are of advantage. Adequate matching between the volunteer profile and the tasks will be taken into consideration and a personal volunteering project will be cherished and supported having in consideration the personal skills and interests of each volunteer. This project will provide practice based methods which will enable the volunteers have hands-on experience. Volunteers will be mentored and supported in their planning and executing of all activities, in the development of cultural dialogue and intercultural skills. Adequate training will be provided whenever needed. Portuguese Language course will be organized. It is also foreseen the development of events, seminars, conferences, etc. with the intention of promoting the priorities of Communication of European Commission, such as Sustainable Environment, Active European Citizenship, job market and job search, youth in movement and youth employment, live and work in Europe, etc. At the end of the project, it is expected that the volunteers and the whole community will benefit from the intercultural learning and be cultural richer. Volunteers will be able to communicate in the hosting country language, will have more competencies for team working, acquire sustainable environmental skills and, most probably, be more inclusive people, accepting more easily the differences among people. Tutors will be better prepared to monitor foreign volunteers, involving people of different ages and background. This will motivate them to carry on promoting volunteering service. This will be achieved through the elaboration and use of a “training course: sharing good practices” involving the tutors from the partners’ organizations. Volunteers will be more conscious of volunteer work value. They will be encouraged to do more volunteering work in their own country and abroad.



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