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Date du début: 2 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 1 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Ennis Community College being a DEIS band 1 school focuses on educating students of 28 different nationalities. As with many schools in our region and indeed on a national level, a portion of these students are from different ethnic minority groups. Through School Completion Program we strive to keep these " at risk " students engaged in their education beyond the legal age to leave school. We engage with many services outside of school with the aim to develop strategies to reduce student drop-out. We are intending to send three members selected from out teaching team to engage with the STAYON in-service. On their return we aim to train our own staff and also engage with our regional education center to pass on strategies and initiatives which can be further disseminated across our region and to a national level. The aim of the STAYON course is the prevent early school dropout especially those students from various ethnic minority groups. The objectives of this course which interest us are the following: To reduce early school leaving for students in groups at risk. To exchange experiences in how to get students to stay on in education. To explore, develop and evaluate " best practice" from a number of European teachers, trainers, Principals and policy makers. Our three participants can benefit from the various activity sessions which involve the participating countries sharing examples which are deemed as best practice. Our participants can also contribute by giving examples of our initiatives. Towards the end of the STAYON in-service there is a chance for the participants to study various case studies. The experience and ideas gained from taking part in these workshops will both benefit our participants and the STAYON project itself as there is emphasis on feedback given also. The long term benefits of engaging in the STAYON course would be to offer continuous professional development to all parties involved in the education of students with learning difficulties and from ethnic minority groups. The problem of early school drop not along exists at a national but also at a European level. School Completion Program is a program which exists on a National level and the benefits from this course can be easily put into use on a National level through this medium.