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Inclusion through sport, leisure and therapeutic intervention
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project involves assistance within the Disability Services, including services which are educational, therapeutic and recreational, and takes place at our Marsascala and Bulebel sites. These services are offered to persons with a disability, both physical and intellectual, through the programmes. The services include: pottery sessions, Saddle Club (therapeutic horse riding), Therapeutic arts and crafts, multi sensory therapy, Social interaction activities, swimming sessions and animal park visits. It involves assisting Inspire staff in disability programmes throughout the organisation. The project also involves assistance with fundraising events which normally take place off-site. The project was originally designed to help us to provide free services to children with disabilities. This service has continued, requiring committed and regular volunteers who can support our staff to continue to provide such services. It has also expanded to assisting in other programmes which require volunteer assistance, and we have found the best way to provide committed assistance is through a mixture of local volunteers and more regular volunteers from the European Voluntary Service. The objectives of the project are to continue to meet the demands within the community, create a learning opportunity for young persons and to increase the the volunteers' employability and to promote healthy lifestyle and the inclusion of persons with disabilities within society. There will be 5 volunteers on this particular project, staying for 12 months each. It is envisioned that the results of the project would be felt on a personal and wider context within the community, both local and European. Firstly, it is hoped that it will improve the employability of the participants by giving them skills, experience and self-confidence. It will also benefit the clients who the volunteers will work with, and these benefits will extend to the community. On a long-term basis, Inspire's main aim is to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities within society and we believe that the project can help us do this by helping us to maintain and even increase the number of persons with disabilities we can assist as well as give youngsters the experience of working with a marginalised group within society and therefore opening their minds to diversity, tolerance and acceptance. This extends also to cultural issues and learning to work and live alongside persons from different backgrounds and cultures.



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