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Inclusion is NOW
Date du début: 18 mai 2016, Date de fin: 17 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Inclusion is NOW" is a long term European Voluntary Service project that involves 3 long term unemployed young people (age 20-26) from Georgia, Greece and Ukraine for 12 months. They will volunteer in Anffas Onlus di Pordenone, a Centre for people with special needs in Pordenone, North East of Italy. By participating in this project volunteers will develop awareness and understanding of the disabled people life and that diversity and inclusion are built upon the concept of mutual collaboration of different people to achieve a greater added value. This project will be carried out through the interaction between EVS volunteers, their Italian peers, students in the schools and people with special needs. EVS volunteers will have a chance to create and organize activities with the students in the primary and secondary schools of the province of Pordenone, sharing the meaning of volunteering and trying to show solidarity. In this way voluntary service will have a double function: educational and training. This project enables volunteers as well as the target group to develop inter-cultural competencies and other skills, such as self-confidence, leadership, teamwork and communication. It’s a true learning experience for all parties involved. During voluntary service activities, the learning process of volunteers is accomplished realizing initiatives in a non-formal contest. It is expected that, during this European voluntary service project the quality life of the target group will be improved. In addition in a long perspective we expect that the sending partners will act as a hosting/coordinating organization for short and long-term European voluntary service projects for youngsters with disabilities.



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