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Inclusion - Diversty and Equity, for All children.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The rational of this project is an inclusive school for all. With the idea of inclusion we mean accessibility and the right to be part of a social context. The aim of the project is a successful school to reduce exclusion in society in the future. Children in need of special support are at increased risk of early school leaving, and that in turn increases the risk of alienation in society. We want this project to counter such situations. All participating countries can see the same problem and want to increase opportunities for children to succeed in school. The need to strengthen organizations’ ability to work from a holistic perspective is essential in the future. At an European level, society is incurring increasing costs, both social and financial in failing to prevent early school leaving or exclusion among the rising generation. This project, by supporting schools, head teachers and teachers to work with inclusion of all pupils, will reduce this financial burden for all partner countries. The project partnership combines geographical and institutional diversity and has been carefully constructed. Each partner will bring significant experiences and competences to the project. All organisations have been working for inclusion for some years now and there has also been a great effort in working for prevention of students leaving schools too early but more has to be done in the way of bringing in new solutions that will contribute to better educational environment for the pupils and head teachers and teachers must develop their skills in making the future school that fits every ones needs. The project partnership consists of three countries participating organizations. The applicant organisation is Vara Municipality/Department of Education and Culture in Sweden whilst the other partners include a school and a university in Sweden, a School office, two schools and a youth art school in Germany and the Department of Education and Leisure, a school and a center for young people on Iceland. During the project, all participants will get a deeper insight in international literature and research papers in the field of inclusion. This will create a better understanding for how do create an inclusive school for all children. After the project, all participants will have a deeper understanding of the participating countries' school systems and methods concerning inclusion. All the partners will have expanded their views on how to help pupils in difficulty to prevent early school leaving. With the idea of inclusion in mind when developing schools we believe that the long term effects in the society will be positive. It will gain the single individual in a psychosocial way as well as the society in an economical way. We are convinced that this inclusive approach will add sustainable value when spread widely in the countries in Europe. Intellectual output of the project will be a flowchart in the form of a digital tool that can help head teachers and teachers in the school to structure the work in the meeting with children with special needs. The name of this digital tool will be Digi-Flow. The idea is that when a teacher meets a child who is in need of support, they start at the first step in the flowchart then depending on how the child respond to the framing of a question/ issues they will continue in the flow chart and will ultimately get a form of advice how they should proceed. Digi-Flow will be developed in four languages as a software that can be used on a computer or media pad. By providing the free online digital tool, Digi-Flow that can help head teachers and teachers in the school to structure the work in their meetings with children with special need this project will ultimately have an impact on European early school leaving rates and decreases the risk of alienation in society. It will be possible for any interested organisation to use Digi-Flow or/and translate it into any other language. The project website/blog will continue until at least September 2019. The digital tool, Digi-Flow will be available free of charge to download on this website/blog.



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