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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Jurmala Youth Initiative Center of the Jurmala Children and Youth Center cooperated with “Associazione Culturale Eufemia” Italy and “Agones SFC” Malta by realizing Youth mobility action project “IN!” of the EU program "Erasmus+", which took place in Latvia, Jurmala Hotel “Daina” from 23rd to 31st October. Idea about the young people of national minority integration accrued evaluating the situation in a country, where a large proportion of pupils and students are third country nationals. This project extented young people’s knowledge and competence, as well as supported young people of national minority to integrate between peers and into society. During project young people understood, recognized the differences and adapted to these differences. This also promoted tolerance among young people. During exchange project, participants were able to develop their own methods about integration promotion and exchange their views about how to help and support other young people from other countries. In this project were involved participants from different countries, acquiring national minority youth experience and visions about integration issue solving. It helped to develop communication skills and understanding about cultures and their differences. During the project participants alongside with members of partner organizations “Associazione Culturale Eufemia” Italy and “Agones SFC” Malta shared their experiences on working in youth organizations and took part in various team building activities and games which were based on creating successful cooperation between different ethnic youth groups. Within the project participants were required to create 4 videos (which can be viewed on the Jurmala Youth YouTube channel and partner organization web pages) as well as to collect information for a booklet which is available electronically. In the methodological material readers are able to find information about the activities of the project, as well as information about methods which can be used when working with different ethnic youth groups. After intensive work participants explored the cultures of Malta, Italy and Latvia in cultural evenings, as well as met each other in informal atmosphere – in talent show, initiative evenings and Socialization evening. Participants acquired new experience by going on a visit to the Riga Youth Center “Kanieris”, where the participants were welcomed by the Head of the Center and member of the organization “Trepes”. At the end of the project participants visited the Jurmala City Council, where participants presented results of the project. By the end of this project participants are motivated - ready to show initiative and to continue cooperation with the partner organizations of the project, as well as ready to take action on creating new projects, both national and international.



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