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In vitro investigation of natural plant extracts on their potential antitumoral effect (Plant extract)
Date du début: 31 oct. 2009, Date de fin: 30 juil. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project is to strengthen Hungarian-Romanian collaboration, in order to study the effects of some bioactive substances with antitumor effect, extracted from plants that grow or are cultivated in the two regions. The cooperation between the two research institutions is based on the fact that they have a joint scientific interest, a common research field and long-term objectives. The present cooperation has the task of studying the antitumor effect of some extracted active agents from plants that grow in these two regions. Within the project, exchange of researchers and students between the two institutions takes place, in order to increase the scientific experience exchange and to introduce new techniques and research methods.Among project main activities are the following: plant selection, isolation of bioactive agents and their chemical analysis, introduction of new techniques and modeling systems, in vitro testing of each group on active principles, in vitro testing of combined active substances; elaboration of a study based on project's results; elaboration of a webpage in three languages that presents the activities and results of the project; publication with a short summary in both languages of project's activities, the necessities and expected results with a short presentation in English language; opening and closing seminar of the project. The results of this project imply a strengthened cooperation between the Hungarian and Romanian research institutions, exchange of experience, students and researchers. The active principles extracted, characterized and tested obtained from plant extracts constitute the basic results for further testing and understanding of action mechanisms and potential antitumor products that can be used as adjuvant or preventive treatment and care. Another important outcome of the project is its contribution to the development and stimulation of cultivators that will grow these plants in order to be used to manufacture the expected potential food additives or products with possible antitumor effects.The beneficiaries of the projects results are those groups of people that are interested in the development of new products, the manufacture, distribution and cultivators. The conference presentations and the web page created positively influence the way of life of a wide range of people. Articles published in international journals, presenting the results of the fundamental research, are of great interest, especially for the scientific community. Other direct beneficiaries are the researchers and institutions that cooperate to the implementation of this project. The indirect beneficiaries are the patients that receive an antitumor treatment and people that wish to prevent tumor disorders.



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