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IN.V.E.N.T. @ S.P.O.R.T.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"IN.V.E.N.T. @ S.P.O.R.T." is the combination of the acronyms of two EVS activities taking place under the management of Coperativa Margherita in Sandrigo and near town of the Province of Vicenza -Italy-: INternational Volunteers Engaged for New Techniques + Social-risks Prevention and Opportunity Realisation by Training. This is the territory in which Cooperativa Margherita (as CO and Hosting Organisation) runs daily care-centers for people in disease, but also directly interacts with the Community. From one side, the activity "IN.V.E.N.T." will involve 2 volunteers from Ireland and Germany for 10 months, from February 2016. They will replace some previous EVS volunteers and will measure themselves performing activities in support of users as minors, elderly and persons with disability. On the other side, the activity "S.P.O.R.T." foresees the chance for the Spanish volunteer involved, to enter in touch and practically help some teen-sgers haning around the Church's yard oratory ("patronato"). His presence and the activities organised by him, will be of good example and positive input for them, who are at risk of social marginalisation and cultural exclusion. This experience will last a whole year and will foresee the combination between different activities, mixing the outdoor practical approach to users with indoor engagement, helping for all the cultural activities proposed by the informal groups of the oratorio itself. "IN.V.E.N.T. @ S.P.O.R.T." will be a chance for the volunteers to overcome some social and cultural barriers, to understand and implement the interaction between different actors of the social life within our Cooperative. They will be practically involved in the daily management of our laboratories, sharing with us the lunch and the basic moments of direct help to the users. Practically, they will be an important resource for the education and a good example for balance and reliability. They will contribute to the leisure and cognitive-stimulation activities of elderly with Alzheimer problems. In relation to people with physical/mental disability, they will collaborate within the manual laboratories and some small home-tasks, to propel their creativity and autonomy. They will play an important role, since they will put some external cultural input in building up the daily program, sharing ideas and proposals and implement their organizing-skills. They will make experience of what it means to be part of the society in a careful and active way, getting involved into what concerns the new context - from the Cooperative arrangement to the Community life. We are sure that the presence of European volunteers will serve as an incentive to the collaboration and cooperation of the parties of Margherita. Within ""IN.V.E.N.T. @ S.P.O.R.T." the different languages, cultures and background are mixed together with the specific care tools they will learn from the contact with the users. Techinques and dynamics will be shapen by the mutual interaction and presence. Cooperativa Margherita proposes this combined EVS project with an open eye toward all the parties involved, conscious of the great value of the joined path and sure that every single subject of the local Communities will benefit from this activity. The mutual help will be the core principle and it means entering the network, learning, sharing experiences and offering our own abilities and inclinations to build up real places for inclusive meetings.



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