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In-situ fabrication of carbon nanotubes and bulk structures of designed configuration (CNTBUS)
Date du début: 4 déc. 2012, Date de fin: 3 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Bulk structures of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) of designed configurations and patterned microstructures, such as ropes, mats, tubes and cross-tubes, are expected to be widely used as super-reinforcements, filters, masks, catalyzer carriers and coatings etc. However, although huge researches have been carried out in this field, the preparation of CNT bulk structured materials is a very challenging problem and still in dark. The main objective of this proposal is to instigate a knowledge transfer project between Dr Jianlin Li, from the world renowned Hainan University and Dr Haitao Ye from the Nanoscience Research Group at Aston University (UK) to explore a novel, economical and straightforward approach towards mass production of CNT bulk structures with various complicated configurations and patterned microstructures. This novel idea stems from current work comprising the following two directions: (1) direct formation of bulk precursor fiber structures of desired configurations on ice collectors during electrospinning; and (2) during annealing, in situ transformations of the spun fibrous structures to metal-containing carbonaceous fibrous structures, and subsequently to bulk structures of CNTs with desired configurations. The proposal aims to bring expertise to the ERA to develop and understand a new approach of directly fabricating CNT Bulk Structures (CNTBUS) of designed configurations by the tunneling of metal nanoparticles in the carbonaceous fibers, to replace currently used approaches. The demand for these new materials will be huge, bringing a leading expert to transfer his expertise to the ERA will enable Europe to take its place at the forefront of development in this field. The proposal will contain several innovative methods to ensure that the findings are quickly disseminated to important European Academic groups, private sector organizations, and industries."