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In search of various techniques - music therapy!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

" In search of various techniques - music therapy ! " aims to promote music therapy and its components as a method of work among youth workers of youth workers and thus wzmacnaniu their competence and enrichment methodology through knowledge and experience of the trainees a variety of music therapy techniques . The training will be organized for 23 people from the Polish Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Greece , Macedonia, Egypt, Ukraine, Armenia and will be held from 1-8 December 2014 in Zakopane in Poland. The training is addressed to pracownicków youth , educators , psychologists , musicians, instructors , volunteers working on a daily basis working with young people in youth clubs , youth clubs , social therapy centers , organizations, NGOs , schools, centers, art therapy , also with disabled youth (especially youth autistic ) . During the training , participants will learn during the workshop a variety of music therapy techniques , as well as aspects of working with groups mnuzykoterapeutycznymi techniques . The project provides for the following workshops : - Integration - Evening intercultural - Music Therapy Nordoff Robins - Training relaxation , visualization , autogenic training , training Jacobson - Guided imagery and music - visualization steering - Musical improvisation and creative music therapy - Elements of choreo - dances integration - Target groups - specific - problems and challenges in working with different groups . - Working with people with disabilities - group and individual sessions - Method of Mary Whitehouse - music body - Jam session - evenings of musical improvisation - Individual sessions - the rules , the selection of music , interaction in the work of the person . autistic - Working on music therapy techniques : communication , creativity , rebound , individual expression - Attitude therapist - Programming of music therapy - Design workshop muzykoterapeutycznego - Evaluation Sessions The share of participants in the project will contribute to the development of their kompetnecji what will translate to an increase in the quality of work , which entails strengthening the capacity of the organization, creating a new quality. In the long term the project is a chance for new training initiatives , or related to mobility teenengers .



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