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Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"INFOCORE focuses on the conditions that bring about different media roles in the cycle of conflict and peace building. It generates knowledge on (1) the social processes underlying the production of conflict news, and (2) the inherent dynamics of conflict news contents, (3) in a systematically comparative fashion. Based on this perspective, we identify the conditions under which media play specific constructive or destructive roles in preventing, managing, and resolving violent conflict, and building sustainable peace. The project will provide detailed knowledge on the process of conflict news production. Specifically, INFOCORE focuses on interactions between (1) professional journalists (in various media), (2) political actors (including public authorities, military), (3) experts/NGOs (in intelligence, peacekeeping, conflict prevention/resolution, and media assistance), and (4) lay publics (individuals and groups, including economic actors). INFOCORE analyzes these actors’ different roles (as sources/advocates, mediators, and users/audiences) in the production of (1) professional news media, (2) social media, (3) and semi-public intelligence/expert analysis. To assess the roles of media for shaping lay publics’ and political actors’ conflict perceptions and responses to ongoing conflicts, we analyze the dynamics of conflict news content over time. We identify recurrent patterns of information diffusion and the polarization/consolidation of specific frames and determine the main contextual factors that influence the roles media play in conflict and peace building. Specifically, we assess the roles of individual agendas and resources, professional norms, media organizations and systems, political systems, and characteristics of the conflict situation. INFOCORE implements a gender-sensitive perspective throughout the project, contributing to the EC’s efforts to enable and strengthen the participation of women in peace and security matters."



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