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Date du début: 22 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 21 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “ImprovisAction” involves the construction of a youth exchange, focusing on the use of musical language and addressed to 30 participants aged between 18 and 27 years, from 5 countries participating in the Erasmus +.Its objectives are: the promotion of creative activity and of the empowerment process that young people develop, expressing ideas, thoughts and opinions through the use of artistic and expressive languages; the promotion of knowledge and cultural exchange between young citizens of the countries involved, overcoming stereotypes and cultural barriers and the appreciation of differences.Participants are young people who have the desire to be involved in a multicultural experience to learn through the encounter with the other, to discover through the language of music, traditions and customs of other countries, to rediscover the beauty of differences and to discuss with other young people, on cultural heritage of Europe as a melting pot of different cultural and transnational traditions and the role of culture in the development of European citizenship that promotes the well-being of communities and the development of the territories.The exchange will be made in Caltavuturo, a town of about 4,000 inhabitants in the province of Palermo, which, although located in an area such as the Madonie, strongly oriented towards the enhancement of natural, historical and cultural heritage, and towards the redefinition of an open and integrated territorial system, live progressive loss of inhabitants, the precariousness of the system of services and connecting infrastructure and a reduced number of tourists.Hence the desire to propose, within this territory, the realization of an initiative that will represent, also for the inhabitants of the country, an opportunity to exchange views on themes of common interest and that have a European dimension and to stimulate the spirit initiative of young people still living in the place.Music will be the main theme of all the activities that will involve the participants and that will be used as a tool of knowledge, socialization, aggregation, cooperation and reflection.The activities will promote the testing of voice, body and musical instruments canonical to create harmonies and rhythms that will create the everyday moments of musical improvisation that will help create synergies and significant relationships between the participants.It will expect moments of sharing about the history of European music and traditional instruments of the countries involved and moments of reflection on the values of the European Union, on the similarities and differences between European countries, the sense of belonging to Europe and European citizenship.Will be made artistic workshops and guided tours in some of the most significant sites of the Madonie, characterized by a captivating beauty from a naturalistic, historical, architectural and monumental point of view.The time devoted to leisure encourage the free expression of individual identities of participants and the cultural and linguistic exchange, and the creation of significant emotional ties.The culminating event of the exchange will be represented by a jam session that will take place in the town square, during which the participants will perform in a musical performance, while also offering members of the community, young and old, who will assist you, the opportunity to participate in musical improvisation through the use of typical instruments.During the implementation of these activities, it involves, from a methodological point of view, the use of playful, participatory and cooperative tools, typical of non-formal education.The project activities will have a positive impact on the process of personal, social and cultural development of the young participants.The organizations involved in the project will have the opportunity to strengthen their organizational and training skills and to test their methods and acquire new ones.The local community will receive benefits in the medium and long term, in terms of increased community spirit and active citizenship and sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.Local institutions will be stimulated and encouraged in the design of institutional measures and initiatives to support the activities of youth mobility and to support artistic and musical activities for young people, also in terms of spaces where young people can meet and exchange ideas through the use languages and artistic forms and expressive.Non-profit organizations that operate in the area and in neighboring countries, will receive the example of a good practice to make and propose, in this or other areas.



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