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Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Complementary Therapy (CT) is a broad domain of healing resources that encompasses health systems, modalities, and practices. When CT is used in nursing and integrated into patient care, it should be documented within the scope of professional nursing practice. Nurses who use CT at practice are required to have sufficient information and professional knowledge about CT. However, skills-based training and information on CT are not included in the existing curricula of nursing education. By increasing the level of CT knowledge and skills of nurses, safety patient care will reach at EU standards. The objective of “Improving The Nursing Care With The Best Complementary Therapy Strategies Based On European Union Standards (BestCARE)” is to examine CT as a safe complement to more traditional approaches, to improve communication and collaboration among nurses and other healthcare professionals, to improve nursing practice with innovative ways on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of addressing gaps in knowledge with the specific aim of improving care, to enhance cultural awareness and sensitivity toward patients, families, and other staff, disciplines and departments. During the project, in order to achieve the objectives of the project, educational materials on CT and other intellectual outputs such as ICT based e-learning programme which includes basic key techniques to perform CT education effectively and a website will be developed. Through the Train the Trainer activity, 15 Nurses will be trained in England. Thus, during the project there will be CT Trainers who will share their experiences, knowledge and skills with their local colleagues. New CT curriculum in EU standards in nursing will be developed to be used within the higher education of Nursing Faculties. The project outcomes will be shared with health care providers, clinicians, educators and researchers who are in care sector. In order to strenght the cognitive skills of the nurses on CT, a reference book and handbook for nurses will be prepared. Furthermore; during the project, leaflets, brochures, website, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based instruments such as e-learning programme, communication platform, webinar and e-forums will be developed in order to raise the awareness of importance of CT in nursing. In addtition to those activities and outputs, additional innovative instruments such as simulation laboratory and short-length videos will be established and developed. Most important of all, BestCARE will help reduce suffering for patients of oncology, women and their families. Importantly, it aims to do this systematically and collaboratively across Europe and beyond to integrate knowledge from a range of healthcare environments and cultures. BestCARE will be coordinated by Akdeniz University Nursing Faculty. The partnership consists of six partners who will improve the nursing care with best CT. The partners will be Centre for EU Projects of Governorship of Antalya (CEUPA), Antalya Association of Public Hospitals, Health and Natural Therapies Association in Turkey (HNTA), Athena School of Natural Therapies, Centro Studi Delle Professioni Sanitare (CESPI) and European Academy gGmbH (EURO-CERT). Project duration will be two years. Also, dissemination activities like seminars and conference for lecturers and students at Nursing Faculty and health care professionals of public and private hospitals will be held both local and regional level . The project will not only be implemented in TR but also in EU Partner countries through trainings, seminars, conferences and project outputs. The impact of the project will be carried out by sharing project outputs with universities nursing faculty and nursing departments and the Ministry of Health. This project will improve quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems, institutions and practices. CT will take place in nursing education curriculum. Also, a CT center will be planned and patients will receive safe and quality nursing care.



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