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Improving the mountain cross-border road network from the Resia Valley to the Uccea border crossing
Date du début: 30 sept. 2005, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2007 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Renovating the cross-border road network, which was first prevented and then, over the last fifty years, limited by the border and by antagonistic geopolitical and economic systems, is functional to a cross-border cooperation based on new social-economic relations between the people living on the border, in order to foster the process of integration along the Italian-Slovenian border. In this framework, the project envisages the recalibration, strengthening, enlargement and upgrading of minor roads aimed at connecting local infrastructures in border towns. Specifically, the infrastructural actions envisaged concern: the road running from Cepletischis (Municipality of Savogna) to the Polava border crossing and the road running from Livek - Polava border crossing in the Slovenian territory; the road going from Bivio Crai (Municipality of Drenchia) to the Solarie border crossing and, in Slovenian territory, the completion of the Volce – Solarie road network and the adjustment of the Solarie – Kanalski Kolovrat – Kambresko road. Lastly, the roads running from Covacevizza to Molino Vecchio and from Prepotto to Molino Vecchio - Molino Vecchio (Britof) border crossing, as well as the Britof – Lig – Kanal ob Soči road network in the Slovenian territory will be adjusted and improved. By improving the road network, the project aims at creating a joint social-economic and cultural basin in the cross-border area.



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