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Improving the initial education of adult immigrants
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Immigrants, especially in their first year of life in the host country, have language problems in the host country, making it difficult to offer them any educational programs (with the exception of language learning) and learning possibilities. In view of this fact, the proposed project is specially sought to create an intellectual product that would be more accessible as possible for immigrants. As a result the project is primarily directed to the development of the intellectual product, which would improve and extend the offer of learning opportunities for migrants. This product is composed of educational tools for immigrants to acquire basic knowledge and understanding about host country’s sociocultural life. This innovative product is based on digital technologies - will be put into created e-platform, which at the same time will have open access. This material will be combined with the textual material that will be written in very simple language, short sentences that immigrants could use digital tools to do the translation into a language they understand. As a result this will be easy-to-use, and easy to understand tools for all immigrants and their educators. The project will help immigrants (who are in the first year of life in the host country and usually do not know the language of the country, nor the cultural and social peculiarities of the life) more successfully integrate into the host society.Target groups are – adult immigrants and adult immigrants’ educators. The final tools will be tested with 30 adult immigrants ‘educators and 400 immigrants. The creation of the intellectual product consist of 4 main activities: a study, on the basis of which innovative project product for immigrants will be created (theoretical analysis, survey of immigrants and interviews of immigrants educators); creation and implementation of the e-platform, where the project product will be located; the development of educational tools and its final testing and improvements. Moreover, the training activities for immigrants’ educators are planned. Project partners are NGOs and higher educational institutions from 6 countries, which have a great experience of working with migrants, implementing EU programme projects, conducting researches and also employ immigrants’ educators and provide number of courses for them.Since this intellectual product will be open and free-accessed, it will be used not only by project participants, but also by all interested migrants. This opportunity will broaden educational opportunities for immigrants involved in the project and non-participating in it (especially – during their first year of life in the host country) to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of their host country's socio-cultural life. Immigrant basic knowledge and understanding of their host country's socio-cultural life will help to understand the country's culture, values and social life of the procedures and features. That understanding is essential to good mutual relations, cooperation, understanding, tolerance, mutual respect throughout the European Community.



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