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Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Irrigated Agricultural Production in Lebanon and Jordan (ENSIAP)
Date du début: 16 nov. 2011, Date de fin: 16 nov. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Both in Lebanon and Jordan the increase in the domestic and industrial water demands has led to a significant reduction of water available for irrigation purposes. This is a key issue for such countries in which agriculture accounts for 80% of the water use although it is not the sole problem: the aquifers are overexploited, the use of environmental-friendly irrigation methods is still limited and the water and soils are being polluted through inappropriate production methods with regard to fertilization and plant protection practices. Considering the need to strengthen policies at national and regional level, the ENSIAP project will implement a series of activities as a contribution to the reduction of the negative environmental impact of irrigated agriculture on natural resources and climate change. In particular, the project will use an approach on three levels: at on-farm level, through introduction of innovative and resource conserving agricultural practices including the use of renewable energy sources (RES) supported by training activities; at institutional level, through capacity building in best agricultural practices and support to institutional networking on a regional basis with special focus on use of RES in irrigated agriculture; at civil society level, through public awareness raising activities on water and environmental issues, including the appropriate use of RES. Expected Results: • Reduced environmental impact of irrigated agriculture on the ground and surface water resources and reduced pollution levels for agricultural fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in groundwater and soils in the target areas • Enhanced environmental sustainability of irrigated agriculture through the introduction of water-use efficient irrigation systems, Best Agricultural Practices and the use of renewable energy sources • Institutional capacities reinforced with regard to the use of an integrated approach in irrigated agriculture (water, fertilization, pest management) and an approach utilizing RES within the Lebanese and Jordanian partner institutions • Improved technical know-how of farmers with regard to integrated agricultural resources management and production methods including the use of renewable energies through training • Strengthened regional and international cooperation between Jordan, Lebanon and Mediterranean countries on water, use of RES in agriculture, and environmental issues related to agriculture • Enhanced public awareness with regard to water and environmental issues and the use of renewable energies in Lebanon and Jordan



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