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Improving Sustainability and Vitality of Orenteering on a Local Level (Est-O-Lat League)
Date du début: 15 août 2010, Date de fin: 14 août 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Given the considerable experience of both Estonian and Latvian orienteering federations and local orienteering clubs, a joint project has been developed to improve the orienteering as sport and hobby for the people of both countries. Series of activities are taking place within the project - study days in 30 schools, training days for map developers, creating of new and high quality orienteering maps (covered area 110 km2) and 20 orienteering league competitions with nearly 12 000 participants. Achievements: Stories from participants of the ski-orienteering competition in Alūksne, January 2011:Ain came to Alūksne ski-orienteering weekend from Estonia Tapa (Rakvere orienteering club). It was his first race after a half-year break. However, after finishing the race of the first ski-orienteering day, he was smiling. The track he found “good, but a little bit difficult” – tricky turns and various parallel routes made him lose a couple of minutes. However, the parts across the lake were interesting and unusual for him. Alūksne was definitely a good ski-orienteering place to try out. As there aren't many ski orienteering events in Estonia, he enjoyes the challenge of competing abroad and against skiers from different countries.Tamāra is an experienced orienteering trainer from Carnikava, she has been into this sport for already 40 years. To the competition in Alūksne she came together with her young orienteering students Zelma (14), Laura (12) and Edgars (14). Tamāra likes that Estonians are strong in ski-orienteering (due to the very high developed skiing technique), therefore it is interesting for her and the students to participate in these joint events. Skiing tracks are also good in Estonia, therefore she and her students goes for training camps to the well-known skiing areas near Otepää.More information please find at:



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