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Improving students reading and writing skills through European art and music
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project aims at developing reading and writing skills through engagement with art and music in connection with the acquisition of knowledge and information about the culture of other countries, particularly in the fields of art and music. We would like to study how using a more innovative and motivating curriculum could promote higher quality engagement in learning and how this affects behavioural problems and behaviour management strategies within the classroom - do children stay on task more in an innovative approach to developing, using and practising basic literacy skills? The project will be divided into individual project areas. To undertake the project areas - 6 months each are provided. The project results will be shared by eTwinning, websites, BLOGs, exhibitions and of course by the student and teacher exchanges with partner institutions. 1. An artist from our region 2. We can make music! 3. Take One Picture 4. Our favourite music 5. Art and music of our European partners The main objectives of this project are: Develop motivation of our students and teachers to acquire knowledge about and understanding of the culture of other countries and to create an understanding of similarities and differences To communicate and collaborate effectively with other schools Improvement of student performance in reading, writing, speaking and listening Applying innovative and creative teaching and learning methods and related material New and developed perspectives in leadership and management effective methods of evaluation and self-evaluation Inclusion of local communities in school projects - Community cohesion at home and abroad. Students and teacher exchanges to develop an understanding of other countries and cultures The 4 schools are of varying sizes and different contexts (urban, rural, different social contexts) but all schools have a priority to develop the literacy skills of their pupils and prepare them for the next phases of education, the world of work and life literacy skills. The project will look at an innovative and creative approach to teaching and learning, using art and design and music as a stimulus, basic literacy skills, especially reading and writing. The aim is to build a set of teaching skills for the professionals as well as develop the learning and skills base of our children. The aim is to work with experts from the world of art and music, share expertise within schools to design a set of activities which will stimulate, motivate and develop a set of basic literacy skills for life. The aim is to take the everyday interests of children and use their innate enjoyment within the world of "Art" to raise standards across each school for different groups of children. The children will record and communicate their work via different methods - speaking, listening, reading and writing. Sharing within and between the schools of the partners plus exhibitions, concerts and written communications to the local and wider community will encourage the use of, and give a purpose for, the development of the basic skills, and disseminate our work to as wider an audience as possible. Technology as well as pen and paper will form these communication methods. Also a cultural knowledge will be built up so that children have a good understanding of the world in which they live and will work/travel and the similarities and differences of our cultures - that these are to be embraced and celebrated, not feared.



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