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Improving Quality of Learning through Upgrading Staff Competences
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of the project is to contribute to the increase in quality of foreign-language education as a result of enhancing and upgrading the key competencies of the managerial, teaching and administrative staff in the context of access of modern technologies and Internet-based and digital media in education. This will be achieved via stimulating mobility as a prerequisite for raising the quality of education and stimulating career development and growth. Specific aims: -To guarantee high standards of education provision by increasing the access to life-long learning opportunities, enhancing the skills and qualifications of the participants in the job market and sustaining the adequacy of the educational systems and training in accordance with the requirements of the job market. - To improve the initial and ongoing learning of the teaching and non-teaching staff, involved in all processes of foreign language education and tom enhance their competencies for effective work with digital media and modern technologies. - To promote the opportunities for better access to the job market by validation of the acquired competences and skills at the time of the mobilities. - To stimulate mobility as a prerequisite for increasing efficacy and fostering quality in language education and encouraging professional growth. -To create the right conditions for quality improvement and optimizing foreign language education as a result of the acquired knowledge and expertise. -To achieve positive impact on learners who will receive training of higher quality in line with the latest trends and developments in European education. Activities: - Devising a clear and relevant to the institution's needs development plan; identifying the immediate needs for training and further improvement; - Executing 12 mobilities of members of the institution staff within a time span of 12 months; - Creating an on-line bank of resources and materials acquired at the time of the project; - Organising follow-up activities for dissemination of results locally and internationally – seminars, workshops, lectures; - Assessing the project value in terms of effectiveness and impact on improvement of the quality delivered via applying internationally recognized standards and certificates. - Applying assessment and self-assessment of staff key competences and abilities by applying reliable international tools; Target groups: 12 members of the teaching and non-teaching staff (managers, administrators and teachers) from AVO-Bell Language and Examination Centre As a result of the training and the mobilities, project participants will acquire the following competences: - Broadening the disciplinary horizons of the learners, their accompanying skills and knowledge related to their immediate area of operation ( administrative and academic management, teaching, teacher training); - Reinforcing their ability to disseminate and share experiences with their peers and trainees on a national and international level; - Bettering and deepening their understanding about maintaining and delivering high quality in teaching and learning of foreign languages; - Perfecting their own language and intercultural communication skills; - Empowering them to communicate better with partner organisations in the area of language training nationally and internationally for the purposes of strong and better education. As a long-term effect from the project, it is expected to bring about essential institutional results in terms of integration and integrity of foreign language education by creating a consistent training plan and new methods and means of supporting and motivating the teaching job. The above-mentioned activities will be carried out in partnership with leading teacher training institutions thus enhancing international partnership in the area of teacher training and academic excellence, as well as the possibility for positive transfer of best practices in adult education and training on a national level.