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Improving Leadership and Learning Opportunities for our Children
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The program "Improving Leadership and Learning Opportunities for our Children" aims at the professional development of staff in two key areas: * Development, training and strengthening school leadership for effective implementation of reforms . * Professional staff development in alternative learning practices and teaching methods. The school leadership team will be visit selected schools in countries with best results in international surveys. They will acquire skills for implementing innovative actions in their school. The training will cover, among other areas: • Leadership • Curriculum • School – parents relations • School – community relations • School – Kindergarten relations • Teaching methods • Financial management • Staff and student evaluation The school's teachers will participate in training seminars and professional development in the areas of alternative teaching approaches. We intend to educate staff to respond effectively in providing our children new learning experience and improve outcomes of teaching in core areas of Language and Mathematics. We seek to train staff to support and help all children, especially disadvantaged groups. Our school belongs to Educational Priority Zone which emphasizes the smooth transition of children from Kindergarten to Primary education and the prevention of early school drop out. The experiences and results of the effort will be diffuse and they will be the property of the broader educational community, parents and other education partners.



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