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Improving Cross-border cooperation by Promoting cooperation between Bowling Clubs (SZEZETEKE)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2012, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our tender, we wish to improve the Serbian-Hungarian cross-border cooperation by utilising the attraction young people have towards sports, more specifically bowling. We wish therefore to support a joint action of two sport clubs of the two countries that have already had good cooperation in the past. These bowling teams operate in Szeged and Senta.Szeged – with a population of approximately 170,000 inhabitants, is the seat of Csongrád Country, the biggest town of the Southern Alföld region, respectively South-Eastern Hungary, while Senta with its population of 18,000 is the oldest settlement in the Northern part of Voivodina. They are both located in the middle of Pannon-Alföld. The project is the joint decision of the Szegedi Teke Egyesület [Szeged Bowling Association] running the bowling sport section in Szeged, and the oldest North-Serbian representative of the sport, i.e. the Bowling Association of Senta.The joint objective of these clubs is to promote bowling as a sport, leisure sport in general and healthy lifestyle amongst the youth, and to expand the supporter base of the association. In the planned one year project period, the workers of the two clubs together with the professional competitors intend to promote the sport with several hundreds of Hungarian and Serbian young people aged between 14-24. The two clubs organise open days to which they invite sport-loving young people for playing, competitions, training camps, and to learn about sport educational methods, through which they teach the participants about bowling, each others way of thinking and problems. The tender application is aimed at assisting the funding of these events. Achievements: Bowling is not only a sport, but also a community pastime for all ages. The bowling teams operating in Szeged and Senta shared the fun of bowling with everyone, especially with young people between the ages of 14 and 24.Their joint objective was to promote bowling as a sport and also to diversify leisure activities as part of general and healthy youth lifestyle and to expand the supporter base of their associations. During the project implementation, the partnership organised one opening bowling event and a total of 8 Open Days in both towns. They invited mixed groups of young people from both countries who love sports to play with them and participate in competitions. The partners also modernised their equipment, so the bowlers and inhabitants could enjoy their favourite leisure activity in better circumstances. Bowling, due to its special characteristics, is an excellent sport which can mobilise those people who do not like exhaustive and intensive forms of motion. As an inherently social sport, bowling also allows players to enjoy the company of the people with whom they are playing. The two bowling clubs provided a platform, a meeting place for the players from both countries to meet and enjoy the shared sport activity and competition. The project partners close cooperation resulted in the deepening of personal and professional connections, as well as the popularisation of bowling in the border region.



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