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Improving accesibility to the advanced public health services in Lithuanian-Latvian borderline area (First Aid)
Date du début: 15 mars 2009, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Timely first aid or accurate diagnostics can make the difference between life and death. Hospitals in border areas are responsible for ensuring the necessary first-aid for all. Medical equipment for the receiving units and emergency units has been purchased under the project to upgrade the infrastructure of hospitals of Skuodas, Mazeikiai in Lithuania and Priekule, Saldus in Latvia. In addition, emergency vehicles have been purchased for these hospitals so help can be rendered to everyone along the border. In order to develop public health services in the border area, language courses were organized for medical staff of all project hospitals. Doctors and professionals from Priekule and Saldus attended Lithuanian language courses totalling 40 hours, while doctors and specialists from Skuodas and Mazeikiai attended Latvian courses of the same length. These language courses aid communication between doctor and patient, provide for sharing of medical staff and knowledge, thereby contribute to the well-being of inhabitants on both sides of the border. Creating a joint strategy and model for e-cooperation is the first step for hospitals located along the Latvian-Lithuanian border to be able to pool their resources effectively. This would help to solve problems that smaller border hospitals may have, including lack of professionals or equipment for different purposes, overcrowded hospitals and busy doctors. The creation of a joint database will help pinpointing available beds, doctors, and specialists on both sides of the border. Achievements: Created joint public health services (units) -4; (Re)constructed infrastructure for providing joint services (units) - 2; Created means for performing joint public services (a number of services and infrastructure/%) -4; trainings - 4;Within the Project:• Reconstruction works of Skuodas branch of the Republican Hospital of Klaipeda have been finished. • Medical equipment in Priekule Hospital and Skuodas branch have been purchased and installed.• Latvian language training at Skuodas branch have been completed.



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