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Improvement of intercultural and projects management skills for the European development of the Tilly-Lahnstein-Schule at Nikolauspflege
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project background :With the changes in the regional labour markets into an European labour markets the requirements at our school have changed. This equally affects vocational schools for disabled students. Our school should and wants to prepare our students for an intercultural exchange in Europe and for the European labour market. That is the reason why intercultural and project management skills have to be significantly improved.Intercultural skills are a multidisciplinary competence and an essential part of a Europe open school.The skills should be learned in intercultural training courses and project management training courses . It is important that educators attend courses together with educators from other countries, so that the cross-cultural learning can not only take place during the training course period, but also during the whole seminar time through job-shadowing, and attending other school settings. At the same time one has the opportunity to meet potential project partners and plan with them school exchanges , or job shadowing.Project goals: Improvement of intercultural skills and project management skills of teachers The participating persons should: - be willing to attend training courses abroad. - have sufficient language skills. - be willing to spread the European idea to colleagues and students. - be willing to integrate the European idea into teaching. Description of measures and methodology for project implementation: Participation in intercultural project management training coursesIntensive exchange with other VET schools.Planning and organizing job shadowingWorking on our school curriculum to implement a sub curriculum "European Citizens with cross-cultural bachgraounds"Work on identifying programs or projects on disablities in intercutural settingsComparing VET in Europe with and without disabilitiesWith the training courses intercultural competence shall be implemented in lessons and with the project management skills of teachers European projects shall be institutionalized. Description of the expected results, effects and potential long-term benefits: The seminar experience will boost the motivation for intercultural learning and intercultural cooperation and the work at the school with European projects will be more effective.. The training will enable teachers to inspire our teaching staff even more for European projects, and to use the project work as a means to expand the students‘ intercultural, language and social skills. By expanding these skills our students will be better prepared in the future for the demands of the European and international labour market.